When the weather's good, you grow. When the weather's bad, you grow.

Article number: 274 Jarvis Relief Fundraiser
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Special Edition Fundraiser for 274 Jarvis Artists Relief

by Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber
Medium: Screen print
Edition up to a maximum of 30
Year: 2019
Height (in): 20
Width (in): 16

Artist statement:

“We were sad to hear about the fire at 274 Jarvis Avenue that took away so many years of work from so many people, and we wanted to contribute in some way. Neil and I have been making paintings of flowers for several years. We've found that a flower can be so many things. In this case, the flower grows, even when conditions are not good. Hopefully, that applies to us as well.”

-Michael Dumontier (and Neil Farber)


This Special Edition Fundraiser print is available for pre-order from October 15, 10:00 am CDT to November 15, 5:00 pm CDT, 2019, and available up to a maximum edition of 30.⁠ The edition will be completed after November 15th and customers will be contacted to arrange pickup or shipping.⁠

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